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that's me

Building a house can change you. It sure changed me, Annika! In 2011 we built our beautiful swedish house – in a small village in southern Germany. Back then „we“ ment: Me, my husband F and our daugther R (now 5 years old). In between our son J (now 2 years old) joined our family. When thinking about our new house, I wanted to make it really cozy and nice inside. However, looking at many, many pages on the internet, going from one blog to the other, I found something that I really wasn’t even looking for.

I found cool kids clothes! Sewn by women of my age. No boring hand sewing as I had learned it in school, but real fun and fashionable clothes. I was hooked! Fast forward 4 years and sewing has become a big part of my life. I started of with a cheap discounter sewing machine that I got for my 30th birthday. As I hadn’t been very interested in crafting, DIY or so before, my family didn’t really believe that I would continue to sew. Well they were wrong.

Sewing has become my biggest passion. I think pretty much all the time about what I want to sew, how to sew it, fabrics etc. I started with kids clothes, but more and more am also sewing clothes for myself, which due to the whole curvy body thing is another cup of tea.

I started this blog in September 2013 not only to document my own sewing (german: Nähen), but also to try and connect with bloggers from all over the world (hence the connection in the blog name). More or less recently I do my so-called weekend sewing posts in which I collect some of my favorite posts, tutorials, free patterns, sew alongs etc. of the last weeks with which I hope to make you aware of some bloggers that might not speak your language, but sure share your passion!

So, keep coming back to see what’s happening. And if you have a question or want to drop me a note, just leave a comment or feel free to contact me via naehconnection at gmail dot com

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