Handmade Holiday Blog Tour
Janie Dress and Natty Janes

Wohoo. I finally have another english blogpost for you. Audrey made me do it ;)

It’s the Handmade Holiday Blog Tour over at Project Run and Play and I of course HAD to join. I’m loving me some Project Run and Play Goodness and I chose to show two patterns on my little girl. I’ve been meaning to sew the Natty Janes by Delia Creates for years and I love the Janie Dress by Mouse House Creations so much that I even sell the german version in my shop. Perfect pattern combo, right?

Janie Dress

Let’s start off with the Janie Dress. I sewed my first Janie only a year ago, but it’s already one of my most sewn patterns. This shows how much I love it, right? It’s such a quick and satisfying sew. And it not only looks ridiculously cute on my baby girl, but also really good on my 9yr old. I love it when patterns are working for such a huge age range!

The Janie shown in this post here will acutally be used before the holidays already. My little one turns one on Friday (waaaahhh, how did that happen?) and this’ll be her first birthday dress. Cute, right?

Well, what else to say about the pattern? What you see here is the most basic version, I’d say. There is another skirt variation included, too or you could go with the peplum. Or why not spice up that neckline with a peter pan collar or a deep ballet scoop in the back? Want some other sleeves? I guess you get the point. Janie is super variable and you can sew so many different versions. And they all look fab!

Ah, btw. I tried a rolled hem this time. The pattern suggests a normal fold-over-to-the-wrong-side-kinda-hem ;) but I thought a rolled hem might be fun. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the tension quite right, I guess, and it’s rolling to the right side. Well, next time is a charm…

Natty Janes

As I said before, I’ve wanted to sew the Natty Janes for quite some time. Having a deadline is always a great excuse to finally sew those things that you don’t NEED that much, but just WANT to sew. 

Unfortunately, I had forgot about the fact that my machine doesn’t really like to sew leather. Well, I managed sewing the shoes (indeed it worked much better than in earlier occasions), but it’s still not as exact as I’d like it. Someday I’ll get a better machine, but for the moment can we, even though they might not be perfect, just stop and look at them and enjoy the cuteness?

Delia really put together such a cute pattern. I’m really sorry that my sewing doesn’t do it real justice. Well, they’ll still get a lot use. L is starting to walk these days (5-7 steps before she falls) and it helps to have these kind of shoes that don’t slip as much as socks do.

And now, please head over to Project and Play and check out the other tour posts or go swoon over the beautiful patterns in the Project Run and Play Shop (which were all developed from pieces that were sewn for the Project Run and Play competition in the first place!).

Thank you so much, Audrey, for letting me join the tour!


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