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Näh-Connection: Cookie monster hoodie (screenprinting)

Today I want to show you one of my all time favorite projects. This hoodie just makes me happy. Some time ago on instagram I stumbled upon the name bobbin.hood and the hashtag #wearebobbinhood. When I checked the out, I was absolutely in love. Barbara has developed a screenprinting kit for home use and her IG account is one of the most inspiring that I’ve ever seen. She kindly offered me one of her kits to try and so I started printing. I’ll show you my first print (some french fires) next week. Today I want to show you this cool cookie monster print.

Näh-Connection: Krümelmonsterhoodie mit Siebdruck Näh-Connection: Krümelmonsterhoodie mit Siebdruck

Some weeks ago I saw a similar sweater on Emma en Mona. She used iron-on vinyl, but I kept having the thought of doing a cookie monster print. Using the screenprinting kit this was actually super easy. The pattern is Louis by ki-ba-doo (find the english version in my shop). I really love this easy and fast hoodie pattern. It’s designed with sweater fabrics in mind and has just the perfect fit. It’s loose and not doesn’t restrict little adventurers. However, it’s not too wide. Just the way that I like it. I used some super soft organic sweater fabric from Stoffbüro (they ship internationally, too!). The quality of this fabric that is made directly in Germany is incredible. I really love it. It’s soft and it stands up to washing extremly well. I’m sure my son is going to wear this sweater until it’s way too small.

Näh-Connection: Krümelmonsterhoodie mit Siebdruck Näh-Connection: Krümelmonsterhoodie mit Siebdruck Näh-Connection: Krümelmonsterhoodie mit Siebdruck

Using the screenprinting kit is pretty easy. You just have to prepare a stencil for each color. I used my Silhouette to do so, but of course oyu can also use scissors and an exacto knife. You first print only one color and let it dry (or use a hair dryer if you’re impatient like me). The second color is printed afterwards. To print you tape your stencil to the wooden frame below the screen so that it’s in between the screen and the fabric. You then add color on the screen and move the squeegee up and down to distribute the color evenly. Once you lift the screen, it’s time to admire what you’ve just done. The print looks super professional and the printing is just super fun. My son really loves his new hoodie. He screamed with joy when he saw it for the first time.

Näh-Connection: Krümelmonsterhoodie mit Siebdruck Näh-Connection: Krümelmonsterhoodie mit Siebdruck

Screenprinting Kit: Special Offer for Näh-Connection Readers

Do you want to try screenprinting, too? Then this kit by Bobbinhood is just perfect for you. It’s easy to use and so variable. Your imagination is the only limit. If you order now, Barbara also has a special offer for you. She’ll add 10 extra sheets of template paper (it’s a special material that can be cleaned after the printing and used again) and an already cut template for french fries. To make use of this offer just write “Näh-Connection ” in the comment field of the order. Then Barbara will now and add the templates to your box. Happy printing!

Näh-Connection: Vorlage für Pommes-Siebdruck



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