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Näh-Connection: Wild and Free Lounge Pants in NOSH Nutmeg Denim Sweat

Some projects need a lot of time until they get on the blog. I sewed these Wild and Free Lounge Pants in beautiful NOSH Nutmeg Denim Sweat last November for my daughter, but only now do I get around to blog them. Well, at least this gives me a chance to show you what you can make with NOSH fabrics. Do you want to try them out yourself? What about winning one of two 25 Euro NOSH gift cards? Interested? Then read on!

Näh-Connection: Wild and Free Lounge Pants in NOSH Nutmeg Denim Sweat

The Wild and Free Lounge Pants Pdf Pattern has quickly become one of my most used patterns. I’ve sewn sports pants, normal leggings for PJs and a mermaid costuem and pants with animal faces like here. The pattern offers so many different variations, I just love it! And they work with many different fabrics. I’ve used lycra, jersey and now NOSH Denim Sweat. All versions turned out just as I had hoped.

Näh-Connection: Wild and Free Lounge Pants in NOSH Nutmeg Denim Sweat

I’m really in love with the animal faces. I love cute details like these on otherwise rather simple clothes. They are perfect for my kids, who love to play outside and aren’t too gentle with their clothes. Btw. my daughter paired these pants with a Bimaa Sweater that I showed here already. Its a bit small, but she still loves it and it’s colors are just perfect together with the nutmeg of the denim sweat.

Näh-Connection: Wild and Free Lounge Pants in NOSH Nutmeg Denim Sweat


Well, let’s talk NOSH. I used NOSH Denim Sweat (Nutmeg) for these pants. I love all the different NOSH Denim Sweats (I have already used black and blue in previous years) and denim sweat in mustard yellow is just the best. I love the quality, it’s quite stable and holds up perfectly against repeated washings. As all NOSH fabrics it’s organic, too.

Do you want to try out some NOSH-fabrics yourself? Well, lucky you! NOSH offered me two gift cars, each one worth 25€. You can win them by subscribing to my newsletter in the right side bar. I’ll draw two winners out of all people that have subscribed until March 12th 2017. (If you are a subscriber already, you don’t have to subscribe again.)

Good luck!



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