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Näh-Connection | Wallet Project #17 von Compagnie M.

Some weeks before christmas Marte from Compagnie M. launched a new project. She now offers her very first bag pattern, Wallet Project #17, and not only that she also sells sewing kits for that wallet together with. When I saw all the pics of her wallet on IG and on her blog, I wrote her an quick email telling her that I wouldn’t say no to a nice little christmas present, especially if it was the kit with cork leather with gold accents. Marte and I have been friends for quite some time. Otherwise I wouldn’t have dared to do so.

Näh-Connection | Wallet Project #17 von Compagnie M. Näh-Connection | Wallet Project #17 von Compagnie M.

A little later I received a beautifully packet parcel with the sewing kit for wallet #17. This pattern is exclusively for fabrics like cork or vegan leather that don’t fray. The edges are visible and in some areas one works with fabric glue to not have seams showing on the outside. The set includes the fabric, zipper, magnetic snaps, thread, textile glue and the paper pattern. For ecological reasons the instruction itself is downloadable as with all Compagnie M. patterns. I’m used to having the PC right next to me while sewing, so that’s perfectly fine with me.

Näh-Connection | Wallet Project #17 von Compagnie M.

The wallet isn’t very difficult to sew, but takes some time as there are some waiting cycles while the glue drys. The only difficulties that I had were while cutting. This was by no means due to wrong instructions, but with me being really weird that day. I had to cut some pieces 3x until they had the right dimensions. Luckily there was quite a lot cork fabric included in the kit. While sewing I realized that even then I still hadn’t cut all pieces to exactly the same width. Crazy! Well, I managed to get everything together and love the result.

Näh-Connection | Wallet Project #17 von Compagnie M. Näh-Connection | Wallet Project #17 von Compagnie M.

The wallet is well thought through. There is plenty of space for cards, coins and Geldscheine. I even sometimes put my phone in there, too. I have been using it for some weeks now and really love that everything has it’s place. I had never used a big wallet before and wasn’t so sure whether I’d like it, but so far it’s great. I mostly have a bag or backpack with me and in these cases the wallet is perfect. And for skiing or similar occassions I’m used to leaving most of my wallet (credit cards etc.) at home and to only bring some money and the health insurance cards anyways. So that’s fine, too.

Näh-Connection | Wallet Project #17 von Compagnie M.

I really like my new wallet and can’t wait to sew what Marte works on next. She mentioned that she might be into more bag making. Anyways, I can’t recommend the wallet pattern enough and the sewing kit is just perfect. It’s so nice to get everything in one parcel and to not have to look for various things.



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