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Näh-Connection: Sewing Happiness Winter Tour 2017 - Tooth Fairy Pillow

It’s Jan 31st and this means: I’m one day late with my blog post for the Sewing Happiness 2017 Winter Tour. My life is crazy busy these days and in times like these my mind likes to randomly forget stuff. Even things that I’ve been looking forward too for weeks like this blog tour. Well, I hope that Sanae will still keep on liking me. When she invited me last year to take part in her book tour, I was more than pleased. I’ve been an admirer of her blog, work, sewing, illustrations and writing for years and her book “sewing happiness” was the very first sewing book that I’ve actually read from front to back. So let’s dive in, shall we?

Näh-Connection: Sewing Happiness Winter Tour 2017 - Tooth Fairy Pillow

I’m pretty sure that I don’t have to introduce Sanae to you, but just in case, I’ll still do: Sanae is this incredible woman with japanese heritage that has the most awesome minimalistic stlye ever. The projects that she shows on her blog are always in muted blue and grey colors, often made from linen and always, oh, so beautiful. Some time ago she started a membership programme, Furoku. I have been part of it for quite some time now and enjoy every email that she sends out. They include thoughtful editorials, discount codes for her favorite designers, beautiful printable watercolor illustrations, and so on. It’s always a pleasure.

Näh-Connection: Sewing Happiness Winter Tour 2017 - Tooth Fairy Pillow

She is very open in her emails and also very thankful for her members. She even sent all of her members their own copy of her “Sewing Happiness” Book with a sweet little note. When I received it last year, I was lying sick on the couch and it was just perfect timing. I started reading and I couldn’t stop until I had finished it. This isn’t your normal sewing book. It’s, as Sanae puts it herself, “a personal story about unexpected transformations”. Sanae writes about the time when she was diagnosed with a chronic illness. She lost her job and felt lost and insecure. At some point she started sewing, trying out easy little projects and fought her way back to profound happiness and health. I love Sanae’s writing and so will you. The book is divided in four parts, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. Each part starts with Sanae’s memoirs and then goes on to explain those projects to us that she used to do during these times. A really unique sewing book with stunning pictures.

Näh-Connection: Sewing Happiness Winter Tour 2017 - Tooth Fairy Pillow

Most of the projects are rather simple. This book isn’t about adding to the stress in your life. It’s about choosing small, beautiful projects that soothe your soul and make you happy. Choosing one of the projects to showcase today, was rather difficult. I love so many of them. the Origami Pillows look so nice, the sketchbooks and journal covers would come in handy, one can never have too many knit dresses or infinity scarves, etc. In the end I chose to make a Tooth Fairy Pillow for my daughter.

Näh-Connection: Sewing Happiness Winter Tour 2017 - Tooth Fairy Pillow

My daugther R is 7 seven years old and since about half a year, she has always had a least one gap in her mouth. The tooth fairy has been super busy and it was time to finally do her and my daughter a little favor. I let R choose which one of the four variations she wanted. She was quite torn between the whale and the butterfly, but when I said “Ok, I’ll go with the whale.”, she was like “No, I want the butterfly.” A little bit of pressure always helps with my little indecisive one. She also chose which fabric I should use. As much as I love the muted colors of  Sanae’s projects, they’d not be my or my daughter’s style. We do love color and so our butterfly tooth fairy pillow is pink, purple and turquoise. Well, that’s what I love about sewing. I might admire others and their style, but in the end I can make the things my way. Isn’t that awesome?

Näh-Connection: Sewing Happiness Winter Tour 2017 - Tooth Fairy Pillow

Book Tour

Sanae has put together a super amazing tour with the kindest, funniest and most stylish bloggers from all around the world. Please make sure to check out their blog posts. They made some stunning pillows, aprons, flower crons etc.

Näh-Connection: Sewing Happiness Winter Tour 2017 - Tooth Fairy Pillow

January 23 – Ute + Lara
January 24 – An of Straightgrain // Instagram
January 25 – Trine of Groovy Baby and Mama // Instagram
January 26 – Shelley of Bartacks and Singletrack // Instagram
January 30 – Annika of Näh Connection // Instagram
January 31 – Olu of Needle and Ted // Instagram
February 1 – Emi of Just Add Fabric // Instagram
February 2 – Eva of With Love by Eva // Instagram


And, checking out all the other blogs, too, will also give you a bigger chance to win one copy of “Sewing Happiness” and a 45€ gift voucher for 1000stoff, a beautiful german fabric shop with the best fabric selection ever. Each participant gives both one copy of the book and one voucher away!

To win in my giveaway, I’d like you to simply comment and to tell me how sewing saves you, makes you happy and/or soothes your soul.

The giveaway is open for entries until Feb. 7 0am CET.




  • asteride says:

    I love Sanae Ishida blog, it’s my shelter when I look for beauty in small things. So, following the blog tour I found you and your blog. This is nice, because now I can discover more and being inspired by your projects. I’m not an expert in sewing but I try and I like to create something easy and nice, something that always makes me happy when I look at it! I bought an IKEA sewing machine 2 years ago and when I can and find the time I’m delighted to combine fabric and thread, patterns and inspiration to make something truly mine. Thanks for the giveaway, very generous of all of you!

  • Donna Lee says:

    Sewing definitely soothes my soul and makes me happy, at least when I’m not having a tussle with my machine or spending too much time with my seam ripper :). I have a chronic illness that limits me in physical activities as well as social. When I sew, I’m usually making things for others as gifts, and that makes me feel useful and able to bring joy to others. I feel less isolated sewing and also enjoy all the inspiration and encouragement I have received in the online sewing community!

  • Britta says:

    Nähen macht mich glücklich und entspannt, wunderbar.

  • Toya says:

    I love making something that I can finish (not like household chores!) – and I judge on practical terms (so not like work!)

  • Gea says:

    Sewing makes me feel good. It’s not important that I achieve or not a big goal, is the fact that I give myself freedom to create and experiment with fabric.

  • It’s great to see a version of a Sewing Happiness project in some striking bright colours! Lovely belated post ;)
    (Don’t put me in the giveaway)
    Shelley xx

  • Miren says:

    I have also been following Sanae for a while now. She is one of a kind. And everything she makes has that delicate and fairylike touch. Just love her. This book is a treasure. And I do love the colors that R picked for her pillow!!

  • Those pillows are super cute! Too bad I don’t get tooth fairy visits any more. Maybe I should just make myself a big version to lay on the couch :)

  • marisa says:

    What beautiful, bright colours the little tooth pillow has! Sewing makes me happy because I can combine creativity with productivity, making things that are both beautiful and useful.

  • Giorgia says:

    This book must be very inspiring! Sanae Ishida blog is full of beautiful projects and ideas and is a pleasure to read. Sewing is for me a time in which I relax and try to focus on pretty things.

  • I love ‘the magic’ of creating something. And I feel that sewing/making something for someone is an act of love.
    For me, it comes very close to the essence of being human.

  • Mijke says:

    Sewing is relaxing and rewarding. But also it is the best exercise in letting go of perfectionism…

  • Erin Keith says:

    Oh Annika you are so right, it is just a joy to make something that is just perfectly you!! And love these photos of what is obviously a beautiful book.

    I think that for me the chaos of regularly relocating, and the seemingly constant transitions that my family has been in these past few years in adding two new babies to our family, I love that sewing is something that can bring me a bit of peace. Even when everything else is a bit unexpected and chaotic, I know that I can put a few pieces of fabric together and make something beautiful. It also breaks me out of the monotony that “stay at home mommy-ing” can sometimes bring, which is lovely. <3

  • Annemarie says:

    Sewing gives me go-to projects, that engage me, irrespective of everything else in my life. I can let it rest, when other things have priority without losing too much skill or progress, but I can also always pick the current project up and work on it, even if I only have a couple of minutes. And the progress I make in these minutes is visible and persists.

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