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Twig+ Tale Welcome Blog Tour: Unicorn Wild Things Coat

My daughter is seven years old. She’ll soon be too cool for some of the sweet patterns out there. When Twig + Tale (former Big Little Patterns) released their Wild Things Coat last year, I was totally enchanted and planned to sew one this fall. However, oftentimes life is too busy and I don’t get to follow along with my sewing plans. Luckily, Lisa and Miranda invited me to the Twig + Tale welcome blog tour (i.e. rebranding). I didn’t even have to look at the other patterns, but knew right away that this was the perfect opportunity to sew a jacket for my girl.

Twig+ Tale Welcome Blog Tour: Unicorn Wild Things CoatTwig+ Tale Welcome Blog Tour: Unicorn Wild Things Coat

As I had anticipated, my daughter chose the unicorn version of the coat right away. The pattern offers pattern pieces and instructions for at least 14 different animals (ladybug, horse, lion, fox, mouse, bear, etc.), but my daughter’s unicorn love is still going strong. She’s right at the border to being too grown up and cool to believe in these kind of things, so obviously I was happy to help her live in her imaginary world a little bit longer. I’m really afraid of the moment when she’ll stop believing in things like unicorns, elves, dwarfes, the easter bunny and “Christkind” (the “christ child” is a mix between Jesus and a super cute angel that brings the presents at christmas in southern Germany). There is so much magic in those childhood years and the day that you stop believing is a really sad day.

Twig+ Tale Welcome Blog Tour: Unicorn Wild Things Coat Twig+ Tale Welcome Blog Tour: Unicorn Wild Things Coat Twig+ Tale Welcome Blog Tour: Unicorn Wild Things Coat

Sewing the jacket was a real pleasure. The instructions are clear and thorough. There isn’t much that can go wrong. It’s actually quite an easy sew. I had planned to sew a real coat version with a nice warm outer and inner layer. Then, just one day before I wanted to order the fabrics, my mom gave my daughter a brand new warm jacket. She loves to buy things for her grandchildren, but I must say that sometimes it actually annoys me. I so wanted to sew that coat, but most days during winter my daughter will wear her warm anorak and there is just no need for two “nice” jackets. While I love to sew, I also try to think about the things that I sew and to make those things that we have a need for. I changed plans and went for a warm sweater jacket instead. The outerlayer is a so-called “Alpenfleece”: One side is like sweatshirting fabric, the other like a very short fur, perfect for a wild thing.

Twig+ Tale Welcome Blog Tour: Unicorn Wild Things Coat Twig+ Tale Welcome Blog Tour: Unicorn Wild Things Coat Twig+ Tale Welcome Blog Tour: Unicorn Wild Things Coat

For the lining all tour participants were provided with Art Gallery Fabrics. What a treat! I just love their fabrics. I chose Wispy Daybrake Aura from the Morning Walk Collection from Leah Duncan. She’s one of my fave designers. Her color stories always are exactly my taste and her designs are not too elegant, but a bit more playful and fun. The design goes just perfect with the playfulness of the pattern. Both together call for a lot of goofiness…

Twig+ Tale Welcome Blog Tour: Unicorn Wild Things Coat Twig+ Tale Welcome Blog Tour: Unicorn Wild Things Coat

The jacket turned out just as I had imagined. It’s cozy and warm. Perfect for cool, but not freezing fall days, but also absolutely wearable instead of a sweater inside. I’m sure my daughter will get a lot use out of this sweater jacket – and I’m already afraid of all her friends asking me for a wild things coat, too. I might shorten the horn a little bit. With all the stuffing inside, it’s quite heavy and drags the hood when it’s worn, but it’s not too bad, so I’ll just wait a little bit and then ask my daughter what she thinks. The pattern offers three sizes for the horn and I went with the middle one. I think the small one would have been perfect.

Twig+ Tale Welcome Blog Tour: Unicorn Wild Things Coat

Twig+ Tale Welcome Blog Tour: Unicorn Wild Things Coat

I’m really happy about how these pics turned out. It’s been months (years?) that I’ve been thinking about getting a new lens for my Fujifilm XM1. I love my camera. It’s small and lightweight and takes really nice pics. Plus, when I bought it, I got the more expensive zoom lens with an aperture of up to 2.8 which isn’t too bad. However, I was still not 100% satisfied, dreaming of a lens with a 1.x aperture to get a really nice bokeh. Unfortunately, Fujinon offers only a 50mm lens with 1.2 aperture which costs ~1000€. Far too much! However, then someone gave me the tip to try the 35mm 1.4 lens, which is available for ~500€. Still a lot of money, but as tomorrow is my birthday, I decided to just ask everyone for money for my new toy. It arrived on Saturday and I decided to already use it for this photoshoot. I’m so in love. My friend Olu told me that it’s not the camera that takes good pics, it’s the photographer, when I was happily showing these pics in the blog tour facebook group. I think she’s entirely right, but my photography skills have grown over the last 2 years since I got my camera (I used a point and shoot before that) and I was encountering the limits of my former lens. It was time to get the right equipment. I’m so looking forward to trying out the possiblities of this lens more and more. And I’m not so much afraid of the coming dark months anymore. Getting nice inside pics will hopefully be much easier with this lens now.


Well, let’s get back to the Twig + Tale Blog Tour. What would a Blog Tour be without a giveaway!

Art Gallery Fabrics is kindly sponsoring 2 yards of Art Gallery fabric of your choice. To make the prize extra sweet, Twig + Tale are also adding a collection of 5 Twig + Tale patterns of your choice.
International entries are very welcome. Our bloggers come from every corner of the world to celebrate the global nature of Twig +Tale, too.
Enter using the rafflecopter below.
(The winning entry will be checked to ensure all criteria are met).
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