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As much as I would have liked to sew every pattern of the 17 translated patterns that are now available in my shop, I knew of course that that’s impossible. Instead I decided to go for a mix: One garment each for my son, my daughter and me. And of course I had to jump on the underwear bandwagon like several of my #naehconnectionambassadors. My son just potty-trained this summer and while we have some undies for him, they are never enough as we still have some „accidents“.

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The Undies Boys pattern by erbsenprinzessin includes both some panties and a tank top. As my son already has several tank tops from summer, that will work well as undershirts during the colder months, I only sewed some panties for him. Plus I only had a tiny little bit left of this super fun fabric, that has just been waiting for a project like this.


The panties are a super fast sew that requires only a tiny amount of fabric and a little bit of elastic. Speaking of elastic: The instructions explain various ways how to finish the edges: fold over elastic, underwear elastic (if found in a way suitable for boys), normal elastic hidden in between the fold or, for the waistband, wide colorful elastic. I didn’t have any elastic in colors matching those in the fabric and decided to just go for the hidden elastic. The sewing was really fast and easy, the instructions are detailed and help you with every step. The seams around the middle front piece are all hidden so that they won’t irritate the skin of your little one.


Boy, do I love how these turned out. These are definitely the cutest boy undies that my son owns and there are many more to come. I sewed „only“ one so far to check for fit (which is perfect). The next time that I get to sew the Undies Boys pattern, I’ll cut and sew 3 or 4 undies at once. The most time consuming part of this project, is actually sitting down and starting to make them. Obviously it makes sense to sew several of these at once. The seams are short, there are only a few steps and I’ll get rid of some of those scraps that are too big to throw them away, but too small for most other projects.


Well, do you want to sew some Undies for your son, too? Or do you have a girl and want to sew some underwear for her? Then hop on over to the shop and get them and/or other patterns until Oct. 9th discounted with the following codes:

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