Thank you all so much for your wonderful response to the new, english Näh-Connection Shop. I’m so happy to read your comments, to hear that you are excited about this and, of course, about your orders ;) Yesterday and today the Shop Opening went on and, OMG, there are some seriously amazing clothes and pictures! Come on, let’s have a look!


We start off with another beautiful set of Undies Girl sewn by the amazing sew a straight line. Cute, right?

germanpatterns-3 germanpatterns-9

Then we have another two Longihoods (1, 2) by Maartje. I think someone found her fave fall pattern!


Marta made an absolutely stunning Twist it Blouse for herself. Seriously awesome!

germanpatterns-12  germanpatterns-4

Next up, two Elses. Yes, right theses totally differnt (yet both stunning) garments are made with the same pattern. Else offers so many possiblities. There are many germans that sew almost their whole wardrobe (besides pants and jackets) using this pattern! Check out Maarika’s beautiful hooded version and Sabra’s cozy white one!

germanpatterns-11Maarika even made one more schneidernmeistern pattern, the Rockbüx. Probably the most unusual design in the shop. A mix between a skirt and pants, comfy, casual and modern at the same time! I love her Ibiza-Rockbüx-styling!


OMG, isn’t that the most stunning bag that you’ve ever seen! I just simply love Mary’s version of the Chobe bag!


dsc_2185 germanpatterns-7 germanpatterns-6 germanpatterns-5bethioua-header

Wow, I guess it’s Bethioua time, right? 11 Bethiouas in just wo days, 3 women versions and 8 kid versions. Each one cool and unique! What a perfect pattern! Top to bottom: Marie, Mary, Miranda, Audrey, Jane, me


So, what are you waiting for? You’re just one mouse-click away from all these awesome sewing patterns. Go to the shop and make sure to bundle up and to use the following codes for discounts (until Oct. 9th)

Buy 1, save 10 % with code “buy1save10naehconnection
Buy 2, save 20% with code “buy2save20naehconnection
Buy 3 or more, save 30% with code “buy3ormoresave30naehconnection

or buy all and save 50% (seperate product for the pattern bundle)




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