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Online friendships are probably the best things that happend to me due to my blog. There are so many people around the world that I would definitely call my friends and that I hope to meet at one day. I feel connected to them, I appreciate their style, humour, writing, I love their pics, want to get to know their kids, etc. It’s strange, but so wonderful.

One of these friends is Sara from the portugese blog Made by Sara. Sara sews like crazy, is a vivid pattern tester, has impeccable style, takes beautiful pics. She is one of those people that you can’t help but like. So, obviously, when it came to planning this year’s Sew Social Meeting in London she was one of the people that we chose to invite. Unfortunately, she couldn’t come even though she wanted it so badly. Well, her reasons were very good. She was pregnant with her 4th child and had to rest and lay down right at the time when we met in London.

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Well, reason enough for us Sew Socialists and some other bloggers from all over the world to come together to celebrate her and her newborn son. Sara, we are all so excited for you, can’t wait to meet you at another Sew Social meeting and wish you the very best for your start as a family of six! Enjoy those first weeks and months with your cuddly newborn. And enjoy your day. This is your day and we hope you’ll love your online babyshower!


I chose to sew something for Sara’s baby that I have been wanting to sew for years (hmm, looking back at my last few posts, I seem to really be checking off more and more things from the „Sew one day list“): These soft shoes are just so cool. The pattern is by Klimperklein I also used Klimperklein’s tutorial to turn the more basic shoes into „sneakers“. Aren’t these tiny sneakers super cute?

dscf8387 dscf8380

I chose to go for a size 20/21 as shoes for newborns are pretty useless in my opinion. They just need socks. However, when the little boy starts walk, shoes will soon get a must and the hard shoes that are normally available in stores, are such a quick change. Our common friend Marta, another portuguese blogger, told me that shoes like these are very hard to find in Portugal and I hope that both baby boy and mom will feel very special when he starts to walk wearing these ;) The shoes are made from real leather and there runs a small elastic around the opening, which keeps the shoes where they belong.

Congratulations, Sara. Four is a party. I’m sure you’ll rock this.







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