Today I want to just quickly summarize the Elses that I’ve sewn so far. I didn’t get around to sew one for this week, but will probably sew one more rather soon as I found THE perfect fabric for another hooded Else at the lille.stoff.festival (a huge – 800 people – sewing meet up organised by the lillestoff company). Anyways, as I have showed you the Bethioua by Elle Puls and the Undies Boys by erbsenprinzessin and will show you Alma by Heid näht tomorrow.  It just doesn’t feel fair to not show you something by schneidernmeistern. The Else is one of my most used selfish sewing patterns and I think a round-up is a good way of showing my love for this pattern.

Else is a wonderful dress pattern. Within 1 pattern you have pattern pieces and instructions for 7 dresses. And if that’s not enough for you, my friend Monika, the designer behind schneidernmeistern, offers several free add-ons to make the Else even more variable. And let’s not forget that you can easily sew tops, hoodies etc. instead of dresses, which doubles your possiblities!

Schneidernmeistern had a contest for your #signatureelse during the last weeks. All #elseschwester (i.e. Else sisters) are invited to join in and show what their signature style Else is. I’ve seen an incredible amount of Elses pop up during the last weeks and will definitely sew my own signature Else using that fabric that I got at lillestoff (any guess what the color of the fabric is?) even if it’ll be too late for the contest. However, for the moment, I’ll show you my so far four Elses from least fave to fave.

No. 4 – Take me 2 the beach Else


Even though I really like this simple dress, it’s my least fave. It’s comfy, it’s casual, but it’s not quite as special as the others. Nonetheless, it’s the perfect beach dress and definitely deserves it’s place in my wardrobe.

No. 3 Blue – White Else


The remaining three Elses are really close. I love this one as the Procellaine design is one of my fave lillestoff fabrics ever and #sewbluewhite is always dear to my heart. However, in the long run I had to realize that the boatneck neckline is not my fave and feels a bit restricting to me. That’s just a very personal thing and not at all a fault of the pattern.

No. 2 Flower – Else


The choice between in No. 2 and No. 1 is almost impossible. I love this dress and wear it at lot. It’s simple and the lines are very clear, but it’s just so perfect. Monika really knows what she does (she’s a trained patternmaker) and the fit just shows this.

No. 1 Green hooded Else


It’s a bit unfair to the other Elses. This one is the only with hood and well, I just love me a nice hood. I had cut the sleeves a bit too short (i.e. not as the pattern indicated) and added cuffs after the photoshoot as it turned out that Monika’s sleeve length would have been perfect. It’s again in nice soft lillestoff and in such a cool print (both the porcellaine and this print were sponsoring gifts for Paris Sew Social). I wear this so often and have gotten compliments on a regular basis. Seems like I’m not the only one who loves this special fabric in combination with the hooded Else.

Rather sooner than later you’ll get to see my signature style Else, which of course will get a hood, too. But now I want to know what your signature style Else will look like? I can’t wait to see! Share your make on ig and facebook with #signatureElse and become an #Elseschwester , too.

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