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I’m in love! In fact I’ve been in love ever since I saw the first examples of the Bethioua pattern shortly after it’s release in Germany last year. Such a PERFECT pattern, such a cool design. I mean look at that cool yoke in the back, which is part of the sleeve. Who doesn’t love details like this in a tee? In my shop you can now buy the english version of this pattern, so let me show you a bit more of the tee.

dscf6575 dscf6577

I sewed the kids version of the pattern already this summer and have wanted to sew the woman version since like forever. I’m so glad that the release of these 17 patterns by german designers finally gave me the push in the back that I needed to finally get around to sew it. It’s not a long and difficult project, but somehow other things always were more important and had to be sewn first. Well, not this time. I was determined to sew the Bethioua for myself and even managed to do so before we were in Denmark and Sweden for holidays this year.

dscf6564 dscf6573

Of course I had to take the tee with me to take pics sometime during the holidays and right during our first days in Denmark, I could pursuade my husband to do so. I’m always a bit jealous of those people that have constant access to the most beautiful beaches for their blog photography. Well, wouldn’t want to leave our beautiful southern Germany and the alps either ;) Nonetheless, it’s nice to at least sometimes be able to take pics at the beach. And by the way: If you like beaches, Denmark is definitely a good choice. We were almost the only people on a long, pretty beach. I want to go back!

dscf6583 dscf6561

Anyways, what shall I say: All the buzz that has been going on in Germany about this pattern was just so right. It’s so fun. I have yet to see a version that I don’t like. Whether you choose to go for stripes and the fun V-feature in the back, a classic raglan style with sleeves in a different version or just want to showcase a pretty knit fabric, the Bethioua is your pattern. I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as I do.


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Happy Sewing!


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