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Näh-Connection: Noa Pants (Compagnie M.)

Hi everyone, today I just want to drop by quickly to show you my new pattern find: The Noa Pants by my friend Marte from Compagnie M. Marte’s patterns always unique, with the special Compagnie M. details as she calls them herself. She has decided to now also offer more basic patterns – with a twist. When I sew the Noa Pants for the first time, I knew right away that I had to have them. Such a fun design!

Näh-Connection: Noa Pants (Compagnie M.) Näh-Connection: Noa Pants (Compagnie M.)The triangular pocket inset at the sides lets you play with carefully saved fabric scraps or with color blocking spielen. So many possibilities. The pattern also includes a shorts variation. However, at the beginning of summer I had to turn almost all of J’s pants into shorts as they had holes at the knees. It was dead time for some new ones. The pattern is quite a quick sew. The pants have an elasticized waist and Marte managed to get the fit spot on: The pants are easy to get on and off, but they fit nice and aren’t huge sacks.

Näh-Connection: Noa Pants (Compagnie M.) Näh-Connection: Noa Pants (Compagnie M.)I’ll for sure sew some more Noa Pants  for fall. Then I’ll use some nice curdoroy instead of the quilting cotton that I used now. Hmm, maybe in mustard yellow. Would be perfect for the vintage charme of Compagnie M., right?



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