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Näh-Connection: Rowan Tee (Titchy Threads) in Spoonflower Organic Jersey

Do you know Spoonflower? It’s a company that print fabric (or wallpaper) on demand. Until quite recently they were situated only in the US. However, some months ago they opened Spoonflower Europe in Berlin. I’m just so glad that they did this. I love the big collection of designs on their page. However, high shipping costs and long shipping times had kept me from buying from their site so far. Now that they produce the fabrics for European customers in Berlin, shipping is way more affordable and quicker.

Näh-Connection: Rowan Tee (Titchy Threads) in Spoonflower Organic Jersey

Some weeks ago I was looking through many online fabric shops searching for some nice jersey, ideally organic, for my daughter. However, I couldn’t find just the right designs. My daughter still loves colorful, fun designs. However, they shouldn’t be too childish. I even asked my facebook followers for fabric suggestions (What, you don’t follow me on facebook? Then do so now. I often link to tutorials and free patterns!).

I then remembered that Spoonflower is now in Germany and started looking there. Seriously, if you don’t find the right design on spoonflower, it’s your own fault. The choice is incredible. Of course there is a lot terrible stuff, too, but most of the designs that come first in the search, are really really nice. Search for colors, animals, flowers, … – the more detailed the search, the better the result.

Näh-Connection: Rowan Tee (Titchy Threads) in Spoonflower Organic Jersey DSCF5762

While looking around I soon stumbled upon the Shop littlesmilemakers. I was in love right away. I LOVE all the designs. I quickly chose two and ordered them on organic jersey. Then, the next day, I got an email from spoonflower asking whether I’d be interested in a collaboration. Lucky Me! It was possible to change my order to sponsored and I got the fabrics that I was going to order anyways, for free! Yay!

A few days later two jersey and some lycra arrived. The quality is a big rougher than the jerseys from NOSH or Lillestoff. I can’t really say anything about hwo they hold up against repeated washings. I think they’ll probably not hold up as well as NOSH fabrics. However, kids often outgrow their clothes far too fast anyways, so I think for kids clothes it’s fine.

Näh-Connection: Rowan Tee (Titchy Threads) in Spoonflower Organic Jersey

I sewed a Rowan Tee by Titchy Threads in this Cactus print. This is my first Rowan Tee. R has outgrown the smaller size range of the Flashback Skinny Tee and so I moved to the Rowan Tee that I had on my computer already. I knew that Laura’s patterns are perfect and this one didn’t disappoint either. I used the basic version of the pattern to let the design shine and just used some solid mint fabric for the sleeves. My daughter is highly in love with her new tee. Success!

We took the pics at a little lake close to where we live while going with some paddle boats. They are still the same ones as when I was a kiddo. So many memories…

Have you ordered at Spoonflower before? I’ll show you the second tee that I made for R soon. Yet another great design!


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