What I learned from Mie - Colorblock all the things

(picture by Mie – Sewing like Mad)

One of the things that people ask me regularily is how I manage to do it all. Well, the simply answer is: I don’t. My head is constantly spinning and full of ideas, but besides my little side business (which until now is mainly a german thing, but will get more international during the next years) I also have a real job, 2 kids, 1 teenage guest daughter, 1 husband, 1 house + garden, am part of the parent’s association of our Kindergarten, part of the team for the children’s service of our church and ball sports trainer of 4-6 yr olds. I mostly get the things done although sometimes just barely in time. Other times I don’t and am so sorry when that happens. Today is one of those days. Something super cool is going on, a lot of love is being shared with a very special person and I just didn’t manage to get my stuff done in time!

Some time ago I got a facebook message from my friend Ines asking me whether I wanted to be part of a group of women that want to make a surprise video for our friend Mie, who is the absolute sewing rock star. Of course I wanted to join, but with all the mess in our house and in my business when Project Run and Play was over and with a two week holiday in Spain during that time, I just didn’t get even the shortest video done. Shame on me! However, I still wanted to share the video here and to tell you all to go follow Mie! The video is about things that we have learned from Mie. Her blog Sewing like Mad is full of sewing wisdom. You seldomly leave after reading Mie’s blog posts without having learned something new.

So, what have I learned from Mie? I learned that the inside of a garment should be as beautiful as the outside (which helped me a lot during Project Run and Play). I learned how to change serger thread fast. I learned about buttons, about lining, about muslins, about notches etc. etc. But the most important thing?


Thanks Mie for being my eye opener regarding color blocking. It’s just sooo good!

Well, now go check out what the other’s have to say about Mie!

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Thanks Mie for being our sewing super hero and for answering all our questions! We all love you and hope that you’ll enjoy our little surprise!!!


  • Mie says:

    Awwww Annika THANK YOU! This was a surprise of a lifetime and I’m so happy that you joined in. To know that I have taught all you amazing ladies something is really the best feeling in the world! ❤️

  • Ines says:

    Thank you so much for taking part in this surprise. <3 You're too sweet my friend.

  • Annika, this is me too… Just always too much to do, and it’s so hard, and exhausting. Part of surviving is just knowing which thing is the ‘one thing too many’ that you just have to let go. Hope you find a little bit of peace for you somewhere amid the business! V x

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