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Florence Bra (Seamwork Magazine) genäht von Näh-Connection

I’m super happy about today’s blog post. Already when I sewed my first Bra in November of last year, I knew that I want to sew some more. Well, just some months later, I got to do it. Well, rather late then never. And the best: I even partnered up with my good friend Marina from Metterlink. She also was keen to try and sew a bra, so we chose a pattern that we both have in our collection, the Florence Bra by Seamwork Magazine.

Florence BHs (Seamwork Magazine) genäht von Näh-Connection

We both have an Seamwork Magazine subscription. Every month you get two free pdf patterns, that are modern and stylish, yet quick (up to 3 hrs) projects. I really like that idea. In one of the first months the Florence Bra and Geneva panties were offered (you can buy them seperately here). At this time I didn’t quite dare to sew a bra, but you know how it goes: You just need to see something often enough and you want to try it yourself.

Florence BHs (Seamwork Magazine) genäht von Näh-Connection

In November I tried the (free) Sierra Bra pattern. I really like to wear it, but the cross over straps don’t fit to all clothes. Thus, I really wanted a bra with normal straps, but still easy to sew and wear. The Florence Bra hits the bill. I first only sewed the white one. Then I wore it one day and got to sew the second one right away.

Florence BHs (Seamwork Magazine) genäht von Näh-Connection

The Florence Bra doesn’t have a hook and eye closure in the back as it is an easy lounge bra. It’s constructed from 6“ wide stretch lace that is so comfortable at your back. I skipped sewing in underwire as my super big bust (between XS and S of the pattern) really doesn’t need the additional support, but check out Marina’s blog post if you’re interested in an underwire version. I got all my supplies from two german online shops: sewy and Spitzenparadies. They both have a big selection. I also added some white interlock and mint/white striped jersey (NOSH) that I had in my stash. Overall, it’s still quite exciting to buy lingerie fabrics and supplies, but I’m sure I just need some more practise and will soon know exactly what I need for which project. For my spring-y mint bra I had to use the lingerie strap also at the bottom edge of the bra, which isn’t exactly perfect. It’s a bit too stable even though I already cut it longer than the plush elastic.

Florence BHs (Seamwork Magazine) genäht von Näh-Connection

Sewing the bra is way easier than one thinks. If you can sew knit, you can sew a bra. The pattern takes you by the hand and gives detailed step by step instructions. Only the step where the cups get sewn to the band, was a big strange. I think the notches might be at the wrong spot or it was just me thinking wrong. Well, I did it my way and it turned out perfectly. Sewing the bra doesn’t take super long either. Yes, it’s not as fast as a tee, but that’s mainly due to missing practise and I can still finish one in an evening. Fitting is easy: The cups sit well and the fit of the whole bra can be easily adjusted with the straps and the position of the seam in the back.

Florence BHs (Seamwork Magazine) genäht von Näh-Connection

As you can see I’m really happy with my new bras. I already wore them several days and they fit like a second skin. They for sure won’t be the last selfmade bras that I have. I still can use some more. Maybe a Watson? Or another Florence now that I know they fit me so well?

Anyways, this my April Project Sew It (facebook group). And now I’m off to check out Marina’s bra. Do you come along?


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