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Näh-Connection wins the finals of Project Run and PlayI can’t believe it. Today the final ranking of Project Run and Play is announced and I won! This is so superduperoverlycool! I have a big grin all over my face.Two months ago on December 28th I got asked to participate in the competition. Since then my whole life was dominated by it. For years I had been a huge fan of PRP and hoped to participated one day. Now that I had the chance, I gave everything and wanted to get as far as possible. I almost didn’t dare to dream of getting to the finals or to win!

I’m so happy and also proud. I put a lot of time and energy into my entries. And if you believe it or not: Choosing a design and preparing the patterns takes at least as much time as sewing . Luckily we got the themes on January 5th. My time management is good, so I when the competition started I was almost done with my week 2 look. I then procrastinated a little bit as I wanted to make sure that I’ll even make it to week 2. The All that Glitters Look then took me a long time and so I had to acutally do the look for the final week within one week. It didn’t help that I felt like all creativity had been sucked out of me. There were no ideas left. I just started to sew, made a first sweater for my son that was way too small and some shorts that I hated. On thursday evening I had thus only finished his shirt and parts of my daughter’s cardigan. The fabric for her dress only arrived on Friday. You can imagine that I sewed till late at night on Friday and then again on Saturday morning so that we could take the pictures in the afternoon.

Under these circumstances I really didn’t think that I’d win the finals. I’m so happy that both the readers and the other designers always liked my outfits. I coule win three of the four weeks! And I’m so glad that the atmosphere between us designers was always nice and funny. I’m sure I’ll work together with some of them in the future. We’ve been in this together!

Which design do you want to see as a pattern?

I already checked out the shops of the sponsors. 300$ in fabric! So good! I’m also looking forward to have one of my designs as a pattern, professionally drafted and graded! Which design would you like to see? The knit dress from week 1? The college jacket from week 3? Or maybe the woven dress from week 4? Or something totally different?


Last, but not least, I want to thank you. Without my readers who voted for me with all their devices and who encouraged me with their nice comments, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I not only wouldn’t have won, I also wouldn’t have as much fun during the last weeks. I guess soon it’ll be time for a giveaway? Make sure to alsow follow me on Instagram. I’ll be at 1000 followers there soon and then I’ll give away a voucher for the german shop Snaply which offer sewing supplies and some fabrics. I used their SnapPap during Week 1 and many of you were interested in it. Snaply normally only ships within the European Union, but if someone from outside the EU wins, I’ll have them send it to me and ship it to you worldwide!


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