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Freebie / free printable: Maßtabelle / measurement table (Näh-Connection)

How do you handle measurements? Do you measure yourself or your kids again for each garment? Do you know the measurements by heart? Or do you have little notes lying around everywhere like I did? When looking for the measurements of one of us, I often wasn’t even sure whose measurements these were. I never knew how long ago I took them. I had to change something. My chaos is your luck: I made a free printable that I’m sure all of you have some use for!

Freebie / free printable: Maßtabelle / measurement table (Näh-Connection)

I prepared a measurement table. In this you can enter not only waist measurement and Co., but there is also room for a name and a date. This is especially important for kids, but also in case of weight loss (or gain). You can download the pdf file here. It includes four measurement tables on one page. Just print it and take the chance to also update the measurements. Have fun taking the measurements!

Measurement table (english pdf file) – download here


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