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Freebie / free printable: inch-cm Lineal / ruler (Näh-Connection)

I really love using english patterns. However, there are also many great german patterns. I often find that people are afraid of using patterns from designers from other countries not only due to different sizing or due to the language, but also due to the necessary conversion from cm to inch. I have gathered some tips to help you with this.

Freebie / free printable: inch-cm Lineal / ruler (Näh-Connection)

Converting from cm to inch

In fact converting from cm to inch is no big deal. 1 cm = 3/8“ and you can easily convert using a calculator. However, we’re all lazy and I have three tips to make your life easier:

  1. Google is your friend. Seriously, just type „1cm in inch“ into the search box and you’ll have the answer, 3/8“, right away.
  2. I always have a little note next to my sewing machine with conversions that I need often. This way I don’t even have to go to the computer.
  3. Last, but not least, I want to show you my two favorite gadgets when sewing with patterns that use inch: My measuring tape and seam gauge that have a scale for both cm and inch. In addition my sewing machine shows seam allowances in inch and cm. This way I don’t have to calculate. I just use whichever measurement system the pattern uses. I have also added my measurements and those of the kids both in cm and in inch to the measurement table that I had as a freebie for you last week.

I know that not everyone owns a ruler with both measurement systems. Therefore, I have yet another free printable for you: A printable ruler, that includes both a cm and an inch scale. Just print it on thicker paper (or use thin paper and glue it to some cardboard). Make sure that you print using “Actual size”. Cut along the outlines of the ruler and keep the ruler close to your sewing machine. Now, whenever you need to know what 0,7 cm, 1 cm and 1,5 cm are, just get your ruler and look it up.

Inch-cm ruler (pdf download)

Have fun!


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