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2015 in review: Näh-Connection


Wow, what a year 2015 has been. In January I finally started the business that I had been dreaming upon for years. I moved to wordpress in March, started to translate several patterns and had my big shop opening in July. In the last half year I have added 15 patterns to the shop. There are patterns for girls, boys and women from some of my favorite English speaking designers that I have translated to German and in December I finally added the first german pattern that I translated to English, the Twist it Blouse. In all cases I greatly enjoyed working with the different designers. So many creative and nice women! In November I started the Näh-Connection Ambassadors, a group of dedicated sewing bloggers that help to spread the word about Näh-Connection. They all are just so wonderful and I really hope to get to know them better and better. I also made it into the sewing teams of some other bloggers, Melly Sews and Go To Patterns, and got to do a guest post at the Sewing Rabbit2015 in review: Näh-Connection - Paris Sew Social

Meeting other bloggers

2015 not only was the year the I started my business, but it also was the year that I got to know many, many bloggers not only online, but also in real life. The highlight was of course Paris Sew Social where I got spend a full weekend with wonderful sewing bloggers from different european countries. It felt so good to connect with them and to make all these new friends! I can’t wait to hopefully meet all of them again this year! But I also don’t want to forget all those other people that I got to know/meet in person: Veronika, Maarika, Katja, Kerstin, Miriam, Monika, Ute – whenever I got to meet with one or more of you, I just had a blast. 2015 in review: Näh-Connection - Nähblogger für Flüchtlinge

Nähblogger für Flüchtlinge

One of the things that I’m most proud of regarding the last year is “Nähblogger für Flüchtlinge” (sewing bloggers for refugees). My little idea of helping refugees by sewing for them evolved into something much cooler and bigger than I could have dreamed of. I’m so thankful for the amazing people that I got to know (better) through it and so happy that we sold our handmade goods for more than 1180€! The next auction will probably be in February or March. Maybe you’ll find something nice for yourself?  2015 in review: Näh-Connection - competition wins

Sewing competitions

I’m also super proud about the fact that I could win three sewing competitions. My “Dancing in the Moonlight” outfit won the February Free For All Sew Along of Flip this Pattern at Frances and Suzanne. My story about two little bears who fall in love with each other won the Westfalenstoffe Challenge (still can’t believe that I got a sewing machine!!!). And last, but certainly not least, I won the Top Stitchers Challenge “My life, the musical” with my “Hänschen Klein” inspired outfit. I really love to participate in competitions. They help me to focus and to try new, more difficult things. I always learn a lot and am already curious for the next competition ;)

2015 in review: Näh-Connection - boy sewingThe best of boy sewing

Besides the outfits of the competitions, I have some other favorite clothes that I sewed for my son: Anchor-Polo, Tiger tee 1, Cars button up, Monkey Bimaa, Outfit for the wedding of some friends, Tiger tee 2. 2015 in review: Näh-Connection - girl sewing

The best of girl sewing

My daughter got many, many new clothes this year, too. Her wardrobe is almost entirely selfmade. Here are the highlights: Ponderosa dress, Soleil Dress, Bimaa with Leaves, Lotta Dress, Wedding Dress, Fall Bimaa, Coachella Shorts, Mint Outfit, Summer Outfit (Hat, Swimsuit, Shorts selfmade)  2015 in review: Näh-Connection - selfish sewing

The best of selfish sewing

I also sewed for myself. On my way to a selfmade wardrobe I tried to really sew clothes that reflect my style (sporty chic). Some of my favorite makes are: Summer dress, Glitter Linden, Momiform Make Over Outfit (although I rather want to wear the pieces seperately), little black dress, Sierra Bra, Tanktop.

I really love to look back like this. It helps to show what you really like and to make plans for the future. I’m right now not only planning for something really fun happening in February, but also planning which patterns I want to translate in the coming months and when to release them. Plus I have some really fun ideas for collaborations. I also want to make the homepage bi-lingual, so that my dear english readers will be able to buy from the shop more easily.


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