Twist (it) Blouse - english translation by Näh-Connection

I’m sooo happy to be able to write this post today. Finally I get to share the first german pattern in english translation with all my international readers. When I started to sell german versions of english patterns, I quickly realised that I would love to also provide english speaking sewers with some of the amazing german patterns. I’m especially happy that the very first pattern that I’ve translated to English is by Monika from schneidernmeistern. I’ve met Monika already two times, we’ve  written emails back and forth, are both part of Nähblogger für Flüchtlinge (sewing bloggers for refugees) etc. She’s a intelligent, fun and nice woman that I feel honoured to work with.

Twist (it) Blouse - english translation by Näh-Connection

Monika isn’t “just” a hobby sewer as most of us. She is a real tailor and also a professional pattern maker. Her patterns always teach you the right way to sew something. And I love that all her patterns have that certain schneidernmeistern-style. Laid back, cool, yet with details that take make them special.

Twist (it) Blouse - english translation by Näh-Connection

The first pattern that I’ve collaborated on with Monika is the Twist (it) blouse. The amazing thing about this blouse is that there is only one pattern piece. The fabric rotates around the body and, thus, when using striped fabrics creates an interesting chevron effect.  It’s a fast sew and perfect to whip up a nice christmas blouse in the last minute. The neckline is finished with a facing and the sleeves with cuffs. The bodice can be hemmed normally or with ribbing. The pattern also explains in detail how to add piping at the sleeve cuff seams and/or the back seam. Last, but not least the blouse can be twisted, i.e. it can be turned around and the back can be the front and vice versa. A really versatile pattern that is the perfect blank slate for beautiful fabrics that you want to let shine.

Twist (it) Blouse - english translation by Näh-Connection

I’ve two twist it blouses in my wardrobe (blogged here and here). I made them last year and still wear them often. They are now a tad big (as I lost weight). However, I still like their look especially with skinny jeans or even a pencil skirt.

So, are you curious how that one pattern piece works? Then come on and get your pattern. For one week only it is 15% off! Get it while you can save some money!!!


Linked to: MMI as I love to bring german patterns to english sewers.


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