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(Stripey/Streifen) Linden - Näh-Connection

It’s New Year’s Eve. What are you up to today? We in fact aren’t too much into celebrating New Year’s Eve. We’ll just stay at home, have some nice food, play some games and watch the fireworks at midnight. With two little kids the big partys have to happen without us… However, I’m really looking forward to the new year. I’ve done a lot of thinking, dreaming and planning and can’t wait to make things happen. Plus some days ago I got an email that I’ve been hoping to get for years. Can’t wait to tell you about it. It’s HUGE!

(Stripey/Streifen) Linden - Näh-Connection

But today is still the old year. And not only the old year. It’s also the last RUMS-day of the year (RUMS is the weekly german link party for selfish sewing). Of course I need to be part of it. I have another Linden to show. The first, a glitter Linden, I’ve shown last week. This week I’ve a stripey Linden. I haven’t changed anything of the pattern. I normally cut it a big closer to the body, but for this super cozy organic sweater knit from Pumuckl-Stoffversand it seemed appropriate. It’s a real “I’ll take some time off, cuddling on the sofa with a cup of tea” kinda sweater.

(Stripey/Streifen) Linden - Näh-Connection

In Germany we have this saying on New Year’s Eve: “Einen guten Rutsch”. It means that we wish each other to slide well into the New Year. I sure wish this to all of you. And I wish you a fantastic new year!

(Stripey/Streifen) Linden - Näh-Connection

Linked to RUMS, Bio-Link-Party.


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