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(Glitter/Glitzer) Linden Sweatshirt - Näh-Connection

Linden. Do I have to say more? No, okay. Well, I still write a little bit. I’m sure you know the Grainline classic, the Linden sweater. If not you’re probably living on another planet ;)

(Glitter/Glitzer) Linden Sweatshirt - Näh-Connection (Glitter/Glitzer) Linden Sweatshirt - Näh-Connection (Glitter/Glitzer) Linden Sweatshirt - Näh-Connection

Linden is cool, relaxed and cozy. A real staple piece. I was lucky enough to win some glitter french terry at Rapantinchen and it was a no brainer to sew a Linden. Glitter and Linden is just a perfect combination. I already have one glittery black Linden, which, however, isn’t very true to pattern anymore. I had to make it a lot slimmer due to loosing weigth. For this one I thus assembled the pattern again. Nonetheless I had to cut off 2cm at each side seam. The normal fit is just too generous for my taste. Maybe I should size down. Then the fit will be the way I like it. Another little issue that I keep having when sewing Lindens: The neck-, arm and hem band are borderline short. Especially at the neckline this causes some folds. I didn’t have fabric left to re-cut the neckband, but next time I’ll cut it longer.

(Glitter/Glitzer) Linden Sweatshirt - Näh-Connection(Glitter/Glitzer) Linden Sweatshirt - Näh-Connection (Glitter/Glitzer) Linden Sweatshirt - Näh-Connection

Overall I still love the pattern. Many more glitter sweaters to come ;)
Well, I’m off to enjoy some wonderful days with my family. I hope you’ll all have a special and merry christmas, too.


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