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Nähblogger für Flüchtlinge: Rucksack

Today a big charity event of german-speaking sewing bloggers starts: Nähblogger für Flüchtlinge, i.e. sewing bloggers for refugees. When, on my way to work, I saw the many, many refugees at the main station in Munich some months ago, I was not only in tears, but also wanted to do something. Many emails and hundreds of facebook messages later, today’s the day. My little idea turned into something much bigger and cooler that I wouldn’t have been able to do without the help of so many wonderful sewing bloggers. Today on Nähblogger für Flüchtlinge we start to auction many different selfmade bags, garments and decoration. 100% of the proceeds are for Blogger für Flüchtlinge, blogger for refugees.

Nähblogger für Flüchtlinge - LogoAll of us who have sewn, created the wegpage, wrote texts, contacted the lawyer, designed the logo, etc. are super excited for this week. Will you like what we’ve sewn? How much money for the refugees will we be able to collect? We really hope that all of you will support our charity project with which we hope to support many amazing projects of people that work with refugees. These people have lived through so much pain, suffered so badly and we hope to help them just a little bit. Even though the project is mainly german, you are definitely invited to join us! You can bid by writing you offer in the comment under the respective article. The auction runs till sunday, 29th Nov 2015. The person with the highest offer “wins” and pays the respective money to Blogger für Flüchtlinge. EU-wide shipping is paid by the respective blogger. Higher costs for shipping outsid the EU must be paid by the buyer. Don’t hesitate to write me an email for details or quesitons if you are interested in bidding on one of the products: naehconnection at gmail dot com.

Nähblogger für Flüchtlinge: Rucksack Nähblogger für Flüchtlinge: Rucksack

And what did I sew? I sewed a wonderful London Backpack using a super pretty Petit Pan flower fabric and lined it with Michael Miller Cotton Couture. I’m always suprised how much work a backpack or bag is. I wouldn’t actually take this work on me for myself, but for this project I was happy to use my seam ripper again and again, to topstitch slowly and carefully and to frightingly add the grommets. I sewed this with all my love and hope that whoever buys it will have enjoy it.

Nähblogger für Flüchtlinge: Rucksack Nähblogger für Flüchtlinge: Rucksack

The London Backpack has a very modern shape that goes perfectly with this pretty fabric. All your little belongings like phone, wallet and keys fit in the two zipper pockets, one inside and one outside at the back, so that you find them fast and keep them safe. The metal eyelets and buckle slides add the perfect, professional touch. This bag really is the perfect companion for your next shopping tour, a day trip or a walk in the forest. Convinced? Then leave your bid for the backpack here.

Nähblogger für Flüchtlinge: Rucksack Nähblogger für Flüchtlinge: Rucksack

So, check out the selfmade things on Nähblogger für Flüchtlinge and remember that christmas is coming fast. Whether you are looking for something for yourself, your parents, your kids or your friends, we have the perfect product for everyone and every taste. Three, Two, One – Go.

Nähblogger für Flüchtlinge: Rucksack


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