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Top Stitchers Pairings

By now you all know my tendency to say yes to far too many things and to handle all of them at once. Well, when Becca from Free Notion called for future contestants for Top Stitchers, I just try my luck. I have followed the last two seasons and was constantly blown away by the amazingness of the entries. Well, I got in and in just two weeks will get to show you my entry. Last week I was in Italy on our family vacation and while lying at the beach I already made plans for the outfit. Back home I realized that until end of September I also have my first contributor post on Melly Sews, take part in a very cool blog tour and help with pattern testing a fun pouch for crochet needles.  In addition I want to add four new patterns to my shop in the beginning of October. Add my daughter’s birthday party with her friends and the birthday’s of both of my parents and you’ll find that I will be quite busy during the next weeks. Anyhow, back to Top Stitchers. Do you want to know the theme of my sew-down with Stephanie from KB Stitch Designs?

Ihr kennt ja inzwischen alle meine Art gern auf mehreren (manche sagen zu vielen) Hochzeiten gleichzeitig zu tanzen. Naja, als Becca von Free Notion „Bewerbungen für neue Teilnehmer am Top Stitchers Wettbewerb gesucht hat, musste ich es einfach probieren. Die letzten zwei Staffeln waren einfach der Hammer mit total tollen Beiträgen. Tja, wie’s ausschaut bin ich dabei und werde euch in zwei Wochen mein Outfit zeigne dürfen. Letzte Woche waren wir in Italien im Urlaub und auf der Strandliege hab ich schon fleißig Pläne geschmiedet. Zu Hause hab ich dann gemerkt, dass bis Ende September außerdem mein erster Beitrag für Melly Sews ansteht, ich an einer tollen Blogtour teilnehme und  herz liebs Häkelmäppchen probenähe. Außerdem möcht ich Anfang Dezember vier neue Schnitte rausbringen, meine Tochter feiert Kindergeburtstag und meine Eltern haben auch noch Geburtstag. Ja, mir wird mal wieder nicht langweilig. Naja, zurück zu den Top Stitchers. Wollt ihr wissen zu welchen Thema ich und Stephanie von KB Stitch Designs etwas nähen sollen?

Let me first explain Top Stitchers to those of you that aren’t familiar with the competition so far: Becca had all of the contestants fill out forms listing what we are good and bad in at sewing, for whom we sew etc. She then paired all of us and gave each pair a prompt. You can see all the prompts here. Our prompt is: „Your Life“, the musical. We have to sew an everyday outfit for our toddler sons (who are in the DRAMA phase of life) that is inspired by a nursery rhyme. I have already chosen my nursery rhyme and can’t wait to get sewing and to reveal the outfit to you in just two weeks. You will then be able to rate both mine and Stephanie’s outfit on the sewing stadium blog. I’m quite curious to see what Stephanie comes up with.

Zuerst muss ich euch mal erklären wie Top Stitchers abläuft. Alle Teilnehmer mussten einen Fragebogen von Becca ausfüllen in dem es darum ging was wir gut nähen können und was wir gar nicht mögen, für wen wir nähen etc. Dementsprechend hat Becca dann immer zwei von uns zu einem Paar das „gegeneinander“ näht zusammengefügt. Unser Thema ist: „Dein Leben“, das Musical. Wir müssen ein alltagstaugliches Outfit für unsere kleinen Jungs nähen, die beide gerade in der DRAMA-Phase des Kleinkindlebens sind. Dieses Outfit muss von einem Kinderlied inspiriert sein. Ihr Leser könnt dann mein und Stephanies Outfit auf sewing stadium bewerten. Ich bin schon sehr gespannt was Stephanie nähen wird.

Being part of top stitchers has already been so much fun. In the facebook group for the contestants there is so much chatting, laughter and fun going on. It seriously is a super fun group of talented women. Thus, we all were excited about the Becca’s idea that the contestants in each pair should interview each other. So, here we go, my interview with the beautiful Stephanie from KB Stitch Designs (if you want to read what I answered to her questions, just head over to her blog, to read it there).

Bei top stitchers dabei zu sein, macht bereits sehr viel Spaß. In der geheimen facebook Gruppe wird fleißig gequatscht und gelacht. Eine witzige Gruppe von sehr talentierten Frauen. Deshalb haben wir uns auch sehr über Beccas Idee uns gegenseitig zu interviewen gefreut. Im folgenden also mein Interview mit der tollen Stephanie von KB Stitch Designs (und meine Antworten auf ihre Fragen findet ihr auf ihrem Blog!)

Stephanie from KB Stitch Designs

Stephanie from KB Stitch Designs in her fun sewing tee that you can purchase on Sewing Stadium

Hi Stephanie, I’m so glad to have you here on my blog for a little interview. Tell my readers a little bit about you and your blog/business!

Hi! I’m a wife and mother of two boys (2 and 4). They keep me crazy busy with all the running around and well, just being boys. I work full time as a project manager for the Department of Defense. I have just started my website and blog 4 months ago. I use it mainly for my pattern business and tutorials. I also love to sew other designers’ patterns and plan to showcase them on my blog as well.

Where can fans follow and chat with you the most?

I am mostly on Facebook throughout the day as well as Instagram. I have a fan group and my Instagram is I am a lot of sewing and pattern groups on Facebook, one could say I am addicted.

When and why did you start to sew?

My first sewing project was in High School Home Ec class. I’m pretty sure it was a sheath dress and it was a mess! I later picked sewing back up when I was a college cheerleading coach and one of my girls called me the night before a game to tell me her hem came out of her cheer skirt. I ran to Walmart and picked up a sewing machine (I still have it!) so I could fix it. I then started finding information about cloth diapers when I was pregnant with my first. I have a business selling custom embroidered cloth diapers now as well.

I know that you also have a pattern business. When did you start this?

I designed my first pattern and released it this past February. I mostly design for boys and ladies. I have recently started designing for men and have a new pattern coming out later this month.

Are you a trained designer or did you learn everything on your own?

I do not have any “formal” or design school training. I would love to sign up for some classes to learn more and plan to look into it in the near future. I have taken a few pdf pattern design classes and done some online e-learning for pattern grading and techniques. I also read and research online a lot! There is so much to learn and so many techniques on how to do something I think I will be learning for quite some time.

What are you most comfortable sewing and what are you afraid of?

I would say my “easiest” thing to sew is a pocket cloth diaper; mostly because that is where I really started. I love sewing with knits or something with a little stretch. I feel they are more forgiving. I learned some new techniques for topstitching and distressing for jeans recently and I love making my own now, even though the zipper fly still makes me nervous. I recently made 2 queen size quilts for my boys’ beds and that was a whole new adventure. Not sure it will be one I plan to repeat any time soon.

Is there anything challenging that you want to sew?

I have a leather biker style jacket on my wish list to sew up this fall. Fabric is ready and pattern is put together. I just haven’t started cutting yet. One day soon!

Have you been part of TopStitchers before?

This is my first season for TopStitchers. I have followed the past 2 seasons and love all of the talented designs I have seen so far. I am a tad nervous that I won’t live up to their amazing level, but am excited to try it out!
Why did you want to be part and what is your strength? I love new challenges and thought this would be a perfect next step and push to try something new. I would say my strength is a short time line. Which is perfect with us being first!

How do you think about our prompt? Excited, nervous, afraid, happy?

I was a tad nervous before Becca posted our prompt. I really didn’t know where she was going to go with it and if she was going to pick me to do a boy or ladies. Completely agree that toddlers are hard to photograph so this might be a challenge. I love the Nursery rhyme idea and my youngest normally gets hand me downs, so being able to make something for him is perfect. It is great we are both first time TopStitchers and I think we will rock it!

Thank you so much, Stephanie. I really loved to get to know you a bit more and can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with! See you in two weeks…


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