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Christmas is getting closer and so neither I nor you have a lot of time for blog writing or reading. Nontheless I wanted to quickly show you this little tee that my son will get from the „Christkind“. In Germany, or at least in southern Germany it’s not Santa Claus or the „Weihnachtsmann“ who brings the children their presents, but the „Christkind“, i.e a „child Christ“ which you could imagine as the most special of all angles…

Anyways, you all know that my son is crazy about everything that has wheels and that it is really hard to get him to wear anything that doesn’t have cars or so on it. So when I sat down to make him a little something handmade for christmas, I went for another vehicle-shirt. J especially loves tractors and so I had a fun little Illustrator session and practised my pen tool and pathfinder abilities. My friend Miriam was again so kind to cut it for me with her plotter. Then I only had to sew another Flashback Skinny Tee (using two old tees for the fabric and ribbing) and to iron it on. I’m sure he’ll love it. Though at Christmas Eve (that’s when we get presents in Germany) he might not have time or eyes for it as the play tractor that the „Christkind“ also brings will most likely make him even more happy ;)
Do you have a little car and tractor lover at home, too? Then I have a little something for you!
As always: This file is only for personal use. If you use the tractor for you plotter, freezer stencils, applique or whatever and show the garment on your blog or social media, please link to this post so that other people will be able to find it, too!



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