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Some time ago, I was chatting with my dear friend. Sophie from C’est la Vie. She was really sad as she wasn’t able to work part time anymore and had to give up almost all her me-time. She was left with only 45 minutes each week and so not looking forward to the coming school year (she’s a teacher). I was so sorry for her and decided to do her some good. I teamed up with some other blogger friends. We decided to send her something little, maybe a litte pre-cut project that she would be able to finish within her 45 minutes.
I still remember very well, the email that she wrote me when she received my mail. I felt like I hadn’t just cheered her up a little, but that my little parcel really helped her to feel so much better, to feel loved and to look at life from another perspective. I’m so glad that I could do this. Sophie really has become a dear friend to me (even though we have never met) and I just want her to be happy.

Today, I’ve now joined forces with her. The project that I sent her back then was a (cut and ready) market tote that she only had to assemble. She got around to do so and shows you the result on her blog (Really check it out! It turned out so beautiful!). Meanwhile I played a little bit with Illustrator and prepared the tutorial for the market tote for you, too. Print it and/or pin it and maybe sew some nice christmas gifts using it. If you use my tutorial and show the result on your blog or social media, please be so kind and link to this post. Have fun sewing!


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