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Already in July one of my best friends, Dea, had her second child, a boy. Dea and I met already when we were 10 years old at the first day of “Gymnasium” (i.e. more or less middle and high school). Later Dea told me what she thought when she saw me for the first time. I was sitting next to another girl and Dea thought “Oh, she seems so nice, but as I’m not very lucky, I’ll most likely become friends with the other girl!”

When she told me this,  I was really pleased. Giving such a first impression is perfect, isn’t it? Well, she was partly right: It actually took as 8-9 years to become friends. Those last two years of school we had many classes together and really grew together. Then when we both went to Munich for university (she to study physics, I to study geophysics) we even lived together, had many lectures together and the same friends. Even though we don’t see each other very often, she is still one of my dearest friends. We have similar interests, set the same priorities in our life and plainly just enjoy being together.
So obviously I HAD to make something for her little man. When her daughter was born, I was still a real beginner sewer and thus “only” appliqued her initial on a onesie. Now, however, I decided to make him a whole outfit using some left-over fabrics. Isn’t making baby clothes just the best? With the tiniest scraps you can make something super adorable. All the fabrics for this outfit were left from the t-shirt and pants that I made for my daughter’s birthday. Both the viking and the jeans jersey are from Lillestoff. For the t-shirt I used the flashback skinny tee pattern and the pants pattern is Cool Baby (Ottobre 4/2014). While the tee was easy and fast as always, the pants took some time. Not because they are difficult, but there is quite a lot top-stitching included which just needs some patience…
Too add a little personal touch, I drew a viking helmet on Illustrator and my vbbsn+f (very best blogging sewing neighbor and friend) Miriam cut it for me using her Silhouette. I had first planned to add it to the front of the tee, but then didn’t want to cover the nice print. So instead I just made it tiny enough to add it to one of the sleeves.
As I love all of you, I decided to offer this helmet for free to you. It’s in pdf-file format. Miriam said that you should be able to use this one for your plotter. If you have encounter any problems, just drop me a note (comment or email to naehconnection at gmail dot com) and I’ll upload the file in another format. What? You don’t have a plotter? Well why don’t you just print the helmet on some freezer paper, cut it out using an exacto-knife, iron it on your fabric and paint it with some fabric colour? Or you could use it to cut fabric for some applique?
This is a freebie. So you don’t have to pay anything for it. However, it took me some time to prepare the file, so please link to this post if you use it and definitely don’t sell it or tell people you made it! I would also highly appreciate it if you decide to follow my blog via facebook or bloglovin. The next freebie is already prepared…

And now: Go ahead and download the viking helmet freebie here.

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