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I do love me some colour – and so do my kids. Thus, I sewed two shirts for them that play with the color-blocking trend. Well, is it still a trend? Many people might already be over it, but I still like it!


My daughter wears the Julia sweater by Compagnie M. This one I sewed already before I went to Abilmente while I was trying out all of the different patterns. My version of the sweater is inspired by this and this colorblocked versions. I love how the sweater came together. That tunnel pocket is just soo much fun. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough of the purple jersey left and had to add a pink waistband. Once I have some new purple jersey in my stash, I might unpick the pink one and instead add a purple one. That one I would then also cut a little bit wider. I guess the pink jersey isn’t stretchy enough and adding it to the sweater was thus not that easy and there are some parts in the back where I’m not entirely satisfied with the result. Plus it is quite close-fitting on my slim but not super-skinny girl and tends to move upwards. Nonetheless I love the sweater itself. I like the bold colors and the fun cut.


My son’s shirt is yet another flashback skinny. I haven’t sewn one for this year’s fall wardrobe so far as I instead reached out for some other looks with this hoodie, this henley, this selfmade shirt-pattern (free pattern!), this top and this V-Neck Raglan to gain some more variety. However, I just can’t stop sewing this wonderful tee. I sewed a 2T for my 20mt old son, but made several adjustments. Fit wise I made the shirt several cms longer so that it has a broader hem and is 3 cm longer than the original version. My kids have both inherited my husbands long upper part of the body and I’ve found that they outgrow the normal cut of the flashback skinny tee much faster in length than in width.

The colors of the shirt actually developed from this wonderful iron-on applique that I won in a giveaway over at my friend Saskia’s blog Vera Luna. I could choose which applique of Van Ikke I wanted and quickly decided that I needed something car-themed. My son is only 20mts old, but he knows exactly what he wants to wear: He has one shirt with cars, one with tractors and one with a motorcycle on it. These he wants to wear in constant rotation while he pretty much refuses to wear any of the other longsleeved shirts that he has. So I wanted another longsleeve shirt that he would wear. I first cut just the flashback skinny in red. I actually would have loved to make the shirt grey or brown, but I didn’t have any jersey in these colors left (my husband’s many grey shirts have all been used by me…). I could have ordered some brown jersey, but I had this strong desire to sew that shirt NOW and so waiting for fabric wasn’t going to happen….

However, when I layed my pieces out, all the red was just too much for me. I needed something to tone it down a little bit. Plus I wanted to hack the flashback a little bit. To do so, I first cut the red sleeves to short sleeves and hemmed them, then I cut two longsleeves in this blueish color. I then added both of them at the same time to the t-shirt (be careful to have the short sleeve sandwiched between the body of the shirt and the longsleeve while pinning). For the hood I traced another hood of J that fits him well and added a little part at the front where I wanted it to slightly overlap. I cut 2 mirror images of the hoodie piece from the fabric, both from the red and from the blueish jersey. Then I sewed each hoodie (along the curved edge, RST, make sure to clip the SA in the curves) and then the two hoodies RST along the front seam. I then pinned the hood to the neckline without stretching, starting at the back middle and making sure to overlap symmetrically in the front (outer hoodie RST with t-shirt). Then I sewed it on.

I have the 2T hood pattern here for you. Feel free to download it and give it some nice use. You can definitely also use it for other t-shirt patterns. Just measure your neckline and the bottom of the hood. The hood measurement (-2cm seam allowance) should be longer or equal to the one from the neckline.Download Free Hood PDF Pattern here (1cm, 3/8″ seam allowance included)

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