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The PR&P Denim Challenge came at the right moment. I had just looked through my closet and thrown out quite a bunch of jeans that didn’t fit anymore, had too low a waist (hello, I sit on the floor with my children) or holes at areas that shouldn’t have some…

So I started to draft a look for my daughter and while at it a look for my son shaped up as well. What started as a new jeans for my daughter became more and more pieces and I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I, thus, decided to just start sewing and to see where it led. Well, here I am with two full outfits and 8 pieces for my children. Due to the fact that it’s that many pieces I will break them done only very shortly.

The different fabrics are from my old jeans and from two old grey and black knit tees of my husband. To add some other textures, I added the jeans-jersey that my son’s hoodie is made of, an apple quitling cotton and a striped jersey (both from my stash) plus the different fabrics from the wonderful Fly design series by Hamburger Liebe that were in my stash and were just waiting for the right project. This may well be my all time favorite fabric design (I used it already here and here). Aren’t those feathers super beautiful? And the hexagon fabric that goes with it – love! I also am very much in love with the knit jeans fabric by lillestoff. It feels more like sweatshirt fleece, but is actually jersey. It is super easy to sew, soft and incredibly comfortable.


Well, let’s start with my son’s outfit. His hat is the Fedora by Elegance andElephants. After sewing the Elbsegler I finally got my guts together and sewed that pattern that waited has been waiting in my pattern stash for like forever! And I’m in LOVE! Really, sewing hats is much easier than one would expect. And it’s just so WOW. Whenever my son wears one of his hats, people ask me about it and can’t really believe that I sewed them myself. Well, I almost can’t ;) I used Melly’s ironing technique and the same interfacing that Monika suggested in her Elbsegler pattern and am really, really happy with the outcome. The ribbon isn’t sewed on, so I will probably make some more ribbons to be able to change the look of the hat. His button-up shirt is again the Ethan shirt by Sis Boom Patterns (like here). I mixed and matched all the different Fly feather designs and I think that shirt really is super beautiful. In fact my husband loves it so much that he wants the exact same one. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough fabric left, but he will get a really nice one soon, too. My son’s jacket is the zippy hoodie from Kitschycoo, which was again a pattern that I had waiting for me for quite some time. I had seen a jeans/grey sweatshirt mixed jacket on pinterest (can’t remember where exactly) and really liked the cool vibe. For my version I used the jeans jersey. I had a lot of fun sewing this pattern even though when sewing the lining and shell sleeves together I thought this would be tangled for ever. Well, turning it right side out, let all the tangles go and left me with a wonderful hoodie ;) I love when that happens! The last piece, his jeans, aren’t really self-made. My son has sooo many hand-me-down pants that I couldn’t really justify sewing another one. However, most of them have a really ugly wide cut. I therefore used one with the really nice cut as a pattern, layed it on this pair of jeans here and traced and sewed some new side seams. They now have a much nicer fit and I’m definitely considering doing this to all his baggy pants…


For my daughter’s outfit I first sewed some Tree Climber Trousers by Go To Patterns for which I mixed and matched all the different shades of my old jeans. As it’s always the case with Go to Patterns, this is another detailed and well explained pattern with a nice fit. It’s still a bit big at the moment, but my daughter just turned five and I wanted it to fit the whole winter and hopefully even still in spring. I think the effect of the different denims is really fun and unexpected. However, I wasn’t sure if it would be „playful“ enough for my picky daughter to actually like it. Therefore I cut and appliqued several feathers and got crazy top-stitching. I then sewed the Metall Button Henley from Ottobre (4/2013) using a blue-red striped jersey from my stash. I added some heart ellbow patches, a blue feather that my friend Miriam had plotted for me quite some time ago (again something that was just was waiting for the right project…) and the fly writing from the selvage. This was my first Henley shirt and I was a bit stumped about the super short Ottobre instructions regarding the button placket, but some googling helped me and I then didn’t have any further problems with the tee and I think the result is pretty damn cool. Let’s skip the vest for a moment and first talk about the headband. My daugther had begged me to sew her something like this since months. Given the fact that I sewed now with those feather fabrics and also wanted some hair accessory for her to wear at the photoshoot, I just got on it. It was super easy. Just two rectangles the length of her head circumference (plus SA) and the desired width (plus SA). Sewn together and ribbon added. To get the feathers stand up, I always cut out two of them, attached Decovil (very strong interfacing, the same as in the brim of the hat) to the wrong side of one of them, sewed them RST, turned them right sides out and topstitched them closed. Then I sewed them on the headband! My daughter loves it (and so do I).


The last piece in my daughter’s outfit is this simple vest that I drafted myself by comparing one of my own vests with a 5T bodice sloper. Like with my free Mia and Mio shirt pattern, I again had some fun drawing this on Illustrator and practising my newly gained knowledge from the Pattern workshop. And, as I had it already nice and clear, I decided to give you another free pattern, the Alva vest. It’s a size 5 pattern. The design is probably more suitable for girls (it’s cut off at the waist), but you could easily alter it to get a boy’s vest. Each pattern piece includes again two pattern lines, a solid one that already includes a 3/8“ seam allowance and a dotted one without seam allowance. Just cut whichever one you prefer. This time I even managed to draw some illustrations for you. I think they should be pretty clear, but if you encounter any problems, just drop me an email (naehconnection at gmail dot com) or leave me a comment. Feel free to download the pattern and to share and pin this post like crazy. And if you just came here because of the pattern, please consider following me via facebook or bloglovin to get to know about other upcoming free patterns and that very huge giveaway that I will have in some weeks (did I say huge? I mean HUGE).
ALVA VEST Free Pattern Download here



Well, I guess that’s about it. I really loved that challenge and putting togehter entire outfits for my kids. I hope you like it, too. If so, leave me a comment and tell me which piece is your fav.
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