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Hallo everybody, I hope you have some time? Cause this is going to be a long post. But one that’s worth it – at least if you like a free pattern – and I’m sure you do, right?
(For the PR&P sew along scroll further down!)
Well, let’s get started. Last Friday my daugther turned five! I can’t believe how fast these five years have gone by! And her birthday also reminds me of another birthday: My first year of blogging is over now, too. The post about my daugther’s fourth birthday was one of my first blog posts! Back then I decided that I would write down each year at their birthday 20 things about my children that I don’t want to forget:
1. You are a happy but also sensitive child.
2. You invited your friends Sarah and Leni and your cousins Anton, Julia and Alexa to your birthday.
3. You wanted a tractor with remote control for your birthday – and got it. It has been a big hit with you and your friends.
4. You are now a „Vorschulkind“.
5. You already know most of the letters of the alphabet.
6. You love everything crafty. Your colours, glue and scissors are in daily use.
7. You bring home loads of drawings from Kindergarten each day – and I really don’t know where to keep them all.
8. You love books and playing games together. Both things that we will do a lot during the coming colder months.
9. You love to be outside, to play in the dirt, to climb hills – basically to explore the world.
10. There is nothing that you aren’t interested in. You really love to learn new things.
11. Sarah is your very best friend. It’s incredible how well you two play together for hours and hours without argueing at all. You are the „Heimagenten“
12. You love your little brother. You hug him and laugh with him. However, you can also be really angry about him!
13. You wanted a Pippi Longstocking birthday party. We bougth the decoration and stuff already during our trip to Sweden.
14. You remind me a lot about myself when I was little. We have so much in common.
15. You can’t stand it when someone is mad at you or shouts at you.
16. You love to go to Kindergarten, but enjoy also to be at home and to play on your own.
17. You stay 3 days each week with your grandparents while I’m at work – and they simply adore you.
18. You love to cuddle our cat Findus.
19. You hate it when I want to take pictures of clothes that I’ve sewn for you, but it’s easier when we head outside and I do it while you play.
20. You tell me daily that you love me!
You are the best daughter that I can imagine and I really am so happy that I’m your Mama.
We had a lot of fun doing some decoration with the Pippi Longstocking things that we got in Sweden. We didn’t go too crazy, but the table was decorated and the presents for the kids (sorry no pics) were also Pippi Longstocking things (stickers, balloons etc.). The kids basically just played during the party as they didn’t really need any entertainment. It was raining all day so we couldn’t get outside, but I don’t think the kids cared.
Fortunatelly the weather was better the rest of the weekend. This way I was able to get some pictures (at our favorite playground) of the clothes that I sewed for R for her birthday. A new birthday shirt (with a 5 on the back and the word „FÜNF“, i.e german for five on the front). My daughter loves to watch the 80s cartoon „Wickie und die starkenMänner“ which is about a little viking boy how is not very couragous, but saves his family and friends several times as he has the BEST ideas. When I saw this viking print by Bora for lillestoff, I knew she would love to have a shirt with it. As lillestoff fabric is always quite expensive, I decided to mix it with some other fabrics and I love how it turned out. I also sewed her some fun jeans. Well in fact they aren’t jeans. It’s again some jersey fabric by lillestoff that just looks as if it is jeans. Let me tell, you this stuff is fantastic. My daughter loves comfy clothes, so this is just the perfect fabric to have comfy and stylish all at once. Especially paired with this Ottobre (Relaxed fit 1/2014) pattern, which has the perfect laid back style. I left the pants pretty basic, just added a „Jippie“ by doing freehand embroidery with the sewing machine, as I wanted them to pair with as many of her shirts as possible.


And now for the fun news: I drafted this unisex t-shirt pattern myself (well, not entirely as I based it on the knit bodice blocks by selvage designs that you can purchase here). During the last months I’ve done the pattern workshop course as I wanted to be able to draft my own patterns. I’m not going to go too much into detail about this right now. This deserves a separate post. At the moment I just want to say that I really love that course. I have learned soo much. This is in fact already the second thing that I’ve drafted myself (the other one you will see soon) and I’m really starting to think about making some patterns for sale. But this is still something for the future. At the moment instead I thought that I would do something nice and offer my first free pattern! As I have a lot to do at the moment (it’s birthday season in our family, work, back to Kindergarten, and something huge that I’ll tell you about in yet another post), I didn’t have time to grade the pattern. Thus, at the moment it’s just the 5T pattern, the other sizes might come in the future. I also just don’t have the time to prepare a tutorial at the moment. I really want to add it rather sooner than later, but for now I send you off to Dana’s video tutorial about sewing a t-shirt. The only thing that might seem different is the cowl collar. It is however basically a extended neck band with just a slightly different shape. The pattern piece includes a folding line so I think that sewing the shirt and shawl collar should be straight forward. The pattern includes the pattern pieces for the colour-blocked t-shirt. If you want to make a “normal” t-shirt without mixing different patterns, you can just tape the top and bottom parts of the bodice front and back, respectively together. The pattern pieces further each have an innner and an outer line. The outer line already includes as 3/8“ seam allowance and a 3/4″ hem allowance while the inner one is without seam allowance (i.e. mainly for my german followers…).

So, go ahead, download the pattern, print it (make sure to set the printer to “actual size” and measure the 1″ box), tape, cut and SEW!

(I made some little tweaks after sewing the t-shirt for my daughter. Please let me know about the fit once you have sewn your version!)

I hope that you like my very first little pattern. If so please go ahead and pin and share like crazy! Besides me being a very nice person, I obviously also do this to get more followers! So please let as many people know about this pattern as possible (and if you are new here: make sure to follow me via facebook or bloglovin – the next free pattern is just around the corner!!!).
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