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Today I’m really happy that I’m able to introduce Sophie from C’est la vie to you. Sophie’s blog is the one of this series that I know shortest (only since March). But when I saw her Knight Hoodie, I added her blog right to my reader. Since than I have had a growing friendship with this beautiful french woman and sometimes feel ike she is my sewing and blogging soulmate :) I simply love everything that she posts and she is one of my most frequent commenters as well. Plus when I comment on someone else’s blog post, she often has already commented or will comment shortly after me :) We even had the same idea to combine the Mara blouse and the Coachella shorts (my version, her version). However, there’s one thing about Sophie that I don’t think I’ll ever be: She’s classy. I love what she sews for her kids, but when she sews for herself „stunning, beautiful and – classy“ always are the first words that come to my mind. Her style is fabulous (well, I guess french chic) and it thus, didn’t come as a surprise to me when Meg made her a contributor for last KCW.So, here I have some of my favorites for you:
Knight Hoodie, Stepford Dress, Neon fawn lily

First things first: Please introduce yourself (who are you, tell us a little bit about your family, which country and maybe city do you live in, are you originally from this country, do you work or are you a stay at home mom, etc.)!
Bonjour! I am Sophie Crespy, I live in the French Alps with my husband and 2 kids aged 8 and 5. I work full time as a teacher but I would dream to be a stay at home mom!! I think I would actually like to sew all day! That would be great!


Let’s talk about sewing:
When did you start and who taught you to sew?

I started sewing about 2 years ago. The funny thing is I started sewing when I used to scrapbook: I would sew on my layouts, to add texture!
Some of my fellow scrapbookers were also quilters and I wanted to make those beautiful quilts too! Just for the love of colors and patterns! I learnt to sew on the internet, via tutorials and classes (the Craftsy ones are great!).

Do you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate or professional sewer?
Nowadays I think I have sewn enough to call myself intermediate.

Which three tips would you give a beginner sewer?
1. I think learning to quilt first is a great idea: quilting requires precision and you learn to sew perfect seams!
2. Sew what you WANT to sew: when I started sewing, I have NEVER sewn any beginners projects such as pillowcases : I started sewing garments with a dress for myself, which had gathers, buttons, sleeves…. Challenges help you learn!
3. Read your sewing machine manual, like, a lot, really!

For whom do you sew?
I sew for myself and my children. I am slowly starting to sew for others and to gift what I sew. I find it hard though to give away something I made.

How often do you sew?
I NEED to sew every day. It is necessary for my balance and sanity! When I used to scrapbook, it was the same. I just need some creative time every day, at night, after the kids are in bed. It is not easy to balance work/ family and sewing. It happens that I go a few days without sewing, but then I probably think about the next pattern or project and how I will combine fabrics!

What fabric type(s) do you like most to sew with?
Wovens ! I did try knits, but I think it made me curse way too much! I love the soft touch and variety of patterns found in wovens. But I think my love for wovens also comes from my quilting background.

How do you get inspired?
I am an eager blog reader. Online fabric shops are also very inspiring. I am just crazy about prints, colours, patterns. I am also addicted to Pinterest.

Do you have any real life sewing friends?
I do, but not many. I actually started sewing thanks to my good friend Nathalie who is a fabric hoarder! I wanted to have the same beautiful prints at home!

You blog at C’est la vie. I’m curious to hear a little bit about your blog:
When and why did you start to blog?

I started blogging 4 years ago, because I wanted to share my scrapbook layouts with the world. I also got to design for scrapbooking manufacturers and blogging was a requirement.

Is there anything that you would make differently if you started your blog now?
No. Blogging has been such a wonderful opportunity for me who live in a very small town, with few people around sharing my love for craft, to “meet” other crafty people. My blog has grown and evolved over time and I like the way it looks now.

How often do you blog? How much time do you spend each day/week blogging?
It really depends on my life. I used to be very intentional about blogging. I needed to get my readers’ appraisal. I have grown out of that feeling now. I don’t blog out of duty or to impress others. I really try not to compare myself to other bloggers. I blog to share, in hope of inspiring others, and show them that there is so much joy to be found in sewing and crafting.

Do you plan your sewing, picture taking and blog posts in advance or do you just let things happen?

I tend to let things happen, because I am not a professional blogger. I mean, I make my living elsewhere, so I just want to keep it fun and casual. I sew what I want to sew, because I love a pattern or some fabrics I have. I also sew because someone needs a special kind of garment. I also take part in pattern testing or blog hops, but only because I choose to, and because I love the pattern/ blogger/ designer. I would dream to make sewing my first job, but I doubt it will ever happen, so I try to keep things real! Sewing is just my passion, not the way I can make a living!

What are the three sewn (and blogged) items that you are most proud about or that you yourself like most? Show us some pictures (with links)!

1. The fawn Lily dress for my girl: I just love the combo of colors I ended up using: and that Nani Iro flannel is to die for!
2. The Knight Hoody: the best sweatshirt EVER! My boy wears it all the time!
3. The Louisa dress: it was my first Compagnie M. pattern. Liberty Lawn and chambray: a win for sure!

Do you make money with your blog or do you have any sewing related business (e.g. Etsy or dawanda shop; pattern shop)? Do you have tips for someone wanting to start a blog business?I have an Etsy shop but I almost never fill it! I sold 3 of my quilts and 2 garments. But selling garments make me too nervous. I am a perfectionist. I would love to sell more quilts though because I have enough in my house right now but can’t help making more!!

Taking Pictures and editing these is an important part of blogging. Good pictures are often what makes us want to visit a blog again and again. I’m excited to read what camera you are using and if you have to bribe your kids, too…
What Camera and Objective do you use?
I use a Canon EOS 1100D. and the objective is AFS 18-55mm.

What is your skill level in photography? Did you learn everything yourself or did you take a course or similar?
I am intermediate. I learnt from books mainly and would recommend this one: Mamarazzi, by Stacy Wasmuth.

How do you get your kids to cooperate when you want to take pictures?
Well, they love that I make garments for them and are usually proud to have their photos taken. As a scrapbooker I am used to take LOTS of photos, so they are used to it too! But promising sweets can help!

What programme do you use for picture editing and which steps do you normally take to edit your pictures?

I can’t afford Photoshop. I use the Windows Live program. It is very basic, but enough for me and the time I have at hand! I usually add more light, more saturation and reframe the photo.

What would blogging be without other blogs? I’m always on the hunt for new inspiring blogs. And I love to get in contact with people from different countries. Who knows maybe you have some blog favourites that I don’t know about?
What are your three favourite sewing blogs to read? Why? this one is my favourite quilting blog.

I think what these blogs have in common is that the bloggers are what I call “soul sewers”: they sew beautifully and write beautifully too. Their projects reflect their identity. The fabrics choices are perfect to me: not too trendy yet unusual and beautifully mixed. They also tend to alter patterns to make them their own. I also like that they share a bit of their journey through motherhood. Maureen Cracknell is just a quilting genius. She trusts her creativity and just creates what appeals to her. It seems every new quilt is a piece of art!

Do you follow any blogs that are written in another language? What are your three favourite ones?
Most of the blogs I follow are in English/American.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer my questions!

And now let’s get sewing! I’m curious to see your signature tee!

I made a Mulberry shirt for my boy with some fabrics he chose from my stash! He loves these foxes!
He also wanted the hood version and short sleeves and I think the result is the cutest thing!

Thanks so much Sophie for visiting my blog.
And everybody, come back next week get to know the fantastic Ari from Max California!


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