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Louis and PAlouis: pdf patterns for hoodies for boys and men | Näh-Connection shop

Christmas is just around the corner and I have THE perfect gift idea for you: Louis and PAlouis – sweater hoodies for the men and boys in your! My husband and son both love hoodies and they will totally freak out when they unwrap their presents on x-mas eve (which is when germans get presents) and see that they get matching “Toothless” Hoodies. Finding these in a shop would be impossible. What would your hoodies have to look like? Cool print? Color-blocked? Plain blue? Stripes? The possbilities are endless. Whether you go for the hood or collar variations, whether you use the cangaroo pocket or elbow patches is totally up to you. You’re the designer and I can’t wait to see what you’ll make!

Weihnachtsmannblogtour: Ohnezahn-Kapuzenpullis für Mann und Sohn

I decided to go for the Toothless Hoodies as our whole family loves these movies. They are so funny, the stories are great and all the characters, dragons etc. are drawn with so much love for the details. My husband likes animated movies a lot, even more when they include fantasy and dragons. So when I remembered that my friend Marina had given me the already cut iron on vinyl for my son’s hoodie, I begged her for another one to make matching hoodies. They might never wear them at the same time, but they’ll both love them for sure. I know that not every man would want to have a character from a kids movie on his sweater, but I think that the eyes are pretty cool. You need to know the movie to understand what’s shown. And when you do, then you are definitely a fan, too ;)

Weihnachtsmannblogtour: Ohnezahn-Kapuzenpullis für Mann und Sohn Weihnachtsmannblogtour: Ohnezahn-Kapuzenpullis für Mann und Sohn Weihnachtsmannblogtour: Ohnezahn-Kapuzenpullis für Mann und Sohn Weihnachtsmannblogtour: Ohnezahn-Kapuzenpullis für Mann und Sohn

I got black NOSH-Sweat und Bündchen  from the stoffbüro for these hoodies. Catrin sponsored them as we had a german blog tour where we sewed stuff for our partners. I can’t say enough good about these fabrics. NOSH is just my favorite. Soo good. Soft, organic and it says in perfect shape without any pilling after years of wear and washing!

Weihnachtsmannblogtour: Ohnezahn-Kapuzenpullis für Mann und Sohn Weihnachtsmannblogtour: Ohnezahn-Kapuzenpullis für Mann und Sohn

Both patterns are by kibadoo, i.e. one of the most popular pattern designers in Germany. The boys size range starts at size 74/80, i.e. ~9 to 12 months and runs until a height of 170/176 cm (teenager). The next size is then the smallest size of the men’s pattern. This way you can sew these sweaters for many, many years. They are a fast and easy sew. I’d definitely recommend them as a first knit sewing project. You use sweater knit which isn’t as stretchy as jersey and hence perfect suited for beginners. There are tons of ways to personalize them. Come on over to the product pages to see some pics of my amazing test sewers.

Until Dec. 14th both the Louis and Palouis pdf patterns are 20% off. Get your copy while they’re one sale!


Weihnachtsmannblogtour: Ohnezahn-Kapuzenpullis für Mann und Sohn






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